Empower EmTrace

Combining tracking, optimization and safety for industrial operations

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A turnkey digital solution 

combining tracking, optimization and safety for industrial operations

In optimised production, it is not enough to move products and materials: you must know where they are. Knowing where inventories are is essential when a critical action is required. Harnessing data as information helps optimize the use of assets, both human resources and materials. Sound decision making relies on timely and accurate information derived from real-time data.

Why EmTrace?

Let the data be your guide to a safe and productive industrial environment

Empower has developed the EmTrace turnkey solution, which aims to improve work safety and production efficiency. Based on our experience and the available information, we estimate the following potential for production and safety improvements:

  • 3 to 5% additional production

  • Release Work in Progress related Net Working capital by 20%

  • 20% lower work safety related costs

Solution components

EmTrace is modular and extendable, enabling its agile future development. The Empower roadmap adds features to the solution and empowers customers to further improve safety culture and production efficiency. Additionally, collection of location and production data enables the development of new business models.


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