Hyper connectivity

Hyper connectivity

Talk on the street is about 5G networks and micro-operators.

A hyper connected society is one of ubiquity, of embeddedness, a society in which the connectivity is becoming “like electricity”, a core essential. Speed and resiliency of connectivity becomes crucial in our daily lives and fuel for innovations and disruptive services.


Empower accelerates the adoption of 5G technology

During the past ten years, Empower has executed thousands of mobile network base station installations and implementations in Finland; in 2018 alone, approximately 2,000 base stations were taken into use.

CASE: 5G installations in Oulu

AR technology to improve service process efficiency

In 2018, Empower intensified cooperation with Delta Cygni Labs, the company that developed an AR remote collaboration application called Pointr.

– The Pointr pilot projects and Pointr cooperation have made it clear that there is a lot of potential in AR technology and many suitable applications can be found for it, says Empower's Joonas Koivuniemi.

CASE: Pointr collaboration

Improving reliability with professional internal network building services

Empower lays the foundation for its customers’ reliable internal network connections throughout Finland. The past year included numerous cabling projects for Valtori’s (Government ICT Centre) sites and the hospital for children and adolescents that is part of the Tays front yard project, for instance.

CASE: Future data transfer needs