Intelligent data

Intelligent data

From Big data monetisation to data driven automatisation.

The Data Economy, is a new way of doing business by using  information and technology as facilitators of communication, data transfer and commercial transactions. The “Networked” Business models as core of the Digital Economy. Platforms beat pipelines.

EnerimCIS frees up time for customer work

Empower has been Oulun Sähkönmyynti Oy’s customer information system partner for a long time. In 2018, the system was updated to the Empower-developed EnerimCIS, which can be adapted to many kinds of customer needs, thanks to its modularity.

CASE: A successful system update

Customer-oriented energy market service in the Nordic and Baltic countries

– Empower’s ability to understand our needs and provide solutions for them has been the cornerstone for our cooperation and we appreciate the customer-oriented service we have received from Empower, says Kimmo Tyni from Axpo.  

CASE: Implementation of the energy market services

A seamless package of measurement data management and quality management services

The Savon Voima Group renewed its measurement data management infrastructure by transferring the Group’s 120,000 electricity and district heating measurement points to Empower’s EnerimSMP platform. At the same time, data hub capabilities were created and preparations were made for future changes in the energy sector.

CASE: A challenging system integration