Sustainable energy

Sustainable energy

Energy communities paving the road less travelled.

A smart grid revolution is well underway.

Three major megatrends:

  1. The rise of Renewable energy
  2. Life on the grid edge and
  3. Electrification of the society

are all driving investments to redesign, build and operate smarter grid and related operational services.

Harku-Sindi power line bringing independency and enabling renewable energy production

Empower is constructing a 330 kV high voltage power line between the Estonian towns of Harku, Lihula and Sindi for the Estonian transmission system operator Elering.

CASE: A strategically important power line

Empower contributing to the electric traffic revolution

The first high-power EV charging station in Finland opened in November 2018, with Empower responsible for the station’s installation and connections to the grid.

CASE: The high-power EV charging station

Empower helps ensure the availability of electricity

Empower played a key role in ensuring the availability of electricity when the equipment failure caused a fire at the Olkiluoto substation in July 2018. A sixth of Finland's entire electricity production capacity went offline unexpectedly.

CASE: Availability of electricity