Wind farm development

We help our customers already in the development phase by offering electrical engineering and wind metering services.

Expert services for design of electrical networks

Empower has decades of experience from engineering, design and construction of high and medium voltage electrical networks. Our customer cases vary by scope and size, typically including following items:

  • Network connection studies, technical and commercial study
  • Wind farm internal grid layout, preliminary route survey
  • Dimensioning of cables
  • Substation, location and dimensioning
  • Load flow calculations, network simulations
  • Reactive power estimation, need assessment for compensation equipment
  • In case an Overhead line for wind park is needed,  preliminary planning and general planning

Within more close studies, as far as our customer need is more focused, we can make final design works for internal grid, substation and overhead line, based on our customer's needs.

Wind metering services

In current market situation a high quality wind metering is a necessity. With metering services, a customer can ensure the fluent progress in development and enable the commercial base for the wind farm under development.

We offer our customers a high-class wind metering service by turn-key solution. Our service include mast with foundation, wind metering sensors, datalogger, modem, external power supply and all the other technology needed for establishing wind metering service. Sodar (AQ500) metering can be added as an option to our service. We make sure that the wind metering campaign is done with high quality and fulfills the norms and requirements. The length of the wind metering campaign can be adjusted individually. Typically, the metering campaign is over 12 months.

For each case we select the best suitable technical system. As an example, objects of measurement located in the North must be carefully designed in respect of ice accumulation. After wind metering campaign we can also dismantle the mast and equipment.

Empower wind metering services include:

  • Planning of mast metering and mast design
  • Selection of mast metering location and terrain study
  • Sodar metering
  • Storing of metering data, data handling and quality observation.
  • Reporting to customer
  • Service and maintenance
  • Dismantling of masts and equipment
  • Calibration before and/or after wind metering campaign

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