Operation & maintenance

Our operation and maintenance services enable the customer to convert production into currency in the energy market. We work 24/7 to keep the rotors spinning.

Maintenance of wind farm substation and internal grid

In order to ensure maximal production of the wind farm, the availability of substation is important. Predictive maintenance has a significant role in preventing unexpected faults and outages. In such cases, it is important to have a professional staff on site who is able to localize the fault, make actions to limit effects and recover the substation in order to minimize production losses.

Empower offers its customers an extensive and high-class maintenance service, including planned inspections, service works and fault repair service. According to the Finnish Electrical Act, high voltage systems over certain size require operation supervisor role with a qualified person. Operation supervisor service can be also included into our maintenance service contract.

We are the leading provider of HV system maintenance service in Finland with qualified staff located in different areas of Finland.

24/7 Operating Control Room

Wind farms need constant monitoring, an operator that monitors the status of both the power plants and the substation connected to the farm. At the same time, the wind power company must act in accordance with the requirements of the authorities and the standards and regulations in force at any given time.

Among our customers are many wind power producers with limited resources to set up a control room of their own. Empower provides its customers 24/7 monitoring and operation service from our own Control Room in Porvoo, Finland, with our operations control system. 

Operation of the wind farm

We provide the following operating services that are needed for the basic operation of a wind farm in Finland. We can help you with all or just one of the features - according to your needs:

  • Real time data collection and exchange services
  • Authority reporting services
  • Operation supervisor services
  • Network/turbine monitoring and remote control 24/7

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